We are ADEV

The alternative sound of Amsterdam

For the past 5 years ADEV is taking solid crowds to the streets of Amsterdam in order to rave & dance for alternative spaces in this city.

We stand up for a city that recognises the value of diversity, in life and music, instead of merely focusing on the commercial value of things and people.


We rally for an alternative and fair city, accessible to all and not only to the lucky few. In 2017 we danced for ADM, a squatted free haven with an independent community that is characterised by its diversity, creativity, social structure and rebellious voice.


ADM symbolizes the free spirit of the city of Amsterdam. ADM is one of the last remaining icons of the underground and is under attack by a bunch of real estate crooks. In 2018 we will continue this battle in a loud and creative way to stand up for ADM. Be there, join the Alternative Dance Movement, let’s rave, let’s resist, and support ADM!