On October 19th we'll once again dance right across the city


Amsterdam dances for free spaces, after pausing to commemorate the evictions. This year, we gather on the Dam to observe 1 minute of standstill for our fallen free spaces, only to dance harder than ever and open the floodgates to more free space in Amsterdam. Don't be late, or you'll miss the Dam raid!

Saturday 19 October 2019
1pm, Dam Square


Ever since 2013, ADEV is organised by a collective of squatters, free party sound systems and free-spirited artists. Together they are making themselves heard for the free spaces in and around Amsterdam. This year, these sound systems are participating:


When it comes to Amsterdam’s free spaces, the ADM has always been our proud flagship. However, in January this fantastic cultural free haven got evicted. Our local government let the residents down in, literally, the most scandalous way possible. We believe that a little bit of loud chaos is in order!


Unfortunately, the squatted prison guard quarters of the Bijlmer were recently evicted and will be demolished soon. But Bajesdorp is still alive, and kicking! The residents are building a new community in the same location. And of course, they will once again amplify their alternative sounds during ADEV…

Bubble Org

For years, our favourite Italians have been fueling the Canapisa street parade and several other social and festive projects around Europe and even in Cambodia. For a while, they lived in Villa Friekens. When it was evicted they started squatting too. This will be their first year at with their own truck at ADEV. Shall we make some RIOT PIZZA, they asked. Sounds like a plan!

Cirkus Klauterwerck
× The Olympians

These Berlin-based circus artists learned the ropes of edgy festivities in the church of Ruigoord, throwing relentlessly naughty queer parties that were welcome to all but holier-than-thou attitudes. Recently, they forged a partnership with The Olympians on Ibiza, whose rusty double decker bus will take them to new heights at ADEV. Straight meets queer, straight through the city.

De Fik

Where there’s a smoke machine, there’s the fire of De Fik, probably. For in summertime they’re always fueling open airs around Amsterdam. Come wintertime, they keep on going in heated tents, while the news of their secret parties spread like wildfire. They’re also active on many demonstrations with their alternative sound. This year’s ADEV will see the premiere of their new blue bus. Therese guys are on fire!

Dutch Acid Family

Ruigoord, the homebase of the DAF, is still there. But how much freedom is really left in this ‘cultural free haven’? In their own quirky way the DAF keeps on contributing to the preservation of Ruigoord’s old freedoms. Move along with the iconic red DAF-bus and their relentlessly rolling basslines. And make yourself heard for lasting freedom in the remaining free spaces!

× Beats ’N Breaks

Peter and Kim are usual suspects in the jungle scene of the Amsterdam underground. For this year’s edition of ADEV, they’ve invited the Beats ‘n Breaks collective from Groningen. Nuff said!


The sound systems of SoS, TBS, PK and SFK join forces and ensure that this rave will not be easily forgotten. Participating in the battle for free spaces and showing their support for ADEV is the Bikewars collective from Utrecht, a colourful group of people from different origins and generations.

× Amsterjam

Theaterstraat’s classic red truck is a usual suspect on demonstrations in Amsterdam and it should come as no surprise that it’s once again participating in this year’s parade. Because there’s more to dance music than just DJs and live music deserves a stage as well, we’ve invited the musical playground of Amsterjam to come out and play. Over the past 6 years, musicians have been sharing the spotlight during their jam sessions. All musicians are free to participate and nourish the Amsterdam live scene.

The Ship Of Fools
× Afvalrave

Whoever claims free space, bears the responsibility to leave no mess behind. That’s why the Wasted Crew (Afvalrave) is joining. Instead of their car, they’ll bring a whole boat to fish for waste: The Ship of Fools Ameland. It has sailed all the way down from Friesland to come clean and play dirty. Oh and by the way, a white UN truck will pull the party. It’s just our way to demonstrate to the city council that we’ll never forget how they ignored the UN Human Rights Committee in the case of ADM’s eviction!


For the past 4 years, De Vliegtuin’s builders and makers have been giving the Distelweg-district its lively fringe character. After many experimental evenings in Café De Ruimte and laidback sunday sessions in the Saunakaravaan, this free space is forced to close. De Vliegtuin is busy searching for a new location to let their art and creativity flow freely. And of course, whoever is looking to create new land, brings a loader!


Like every year ADEV dances right through the city. This is the route we have proposed to the municipalities. It is subject to change. Keep checking this site and the facebook-event for live updates, also on the day itself. And be on time, or you'll miss the Dam raid!

check out the route in Google Maps.

Every year we take to the streets to dance for more free spaces in the city. We make ourselves heard for a city that embraces diversity, leaves room for culture and recognizes that some things are worth more than money.

The previous year was a dramatic year for our free spaces. Despite promises of our so-called progressive city council to protect free spaces, they have suffered some fatal blows: The scandalous eviction of the ADM Amsterdam, the sad end of Bajesdorp, paralysing regulations at Ruigoord and ongoing mismanagement of the fertile Lutkemeerpolder.

That’s why this year’s dance will start motionless, in honour of our fallen free spaces. We gather on the Dam to observe 1 minute of standstill, only to dance harder than ever and open the floodgates to more free space in Amsterdam.

Join the dance, beyond the usual borders, right across the city. Amplified by alternative sounds, our colourful parade sends a loud signal to the city of Amsterdam: We won’t give up our free spaces. Once the floodgates of the Dam are open, more gates will follow!

More about our demands to the city council (In Dutch):