Will you amplify the alternative sounds of Amsterdam?


Wow, we are absolutely flabbergasted by the support we got for our crowdfunding campaign. You donated enough for a parade with 10 sound systems, plus a final manifestation.

Now we’ll do our utter best to turn your heartwarming support into a loud and clear signal tot he city of Amsterdam. The donations that we are still receiving will be used for next year’s demonstration, in order to keep amplifying our alternative sound and message. We’ll see, and hear, you on October 19th!

WTF ?!

On the third Saturday of October, ADEV will make some noise. We’ll dance across the city with the Amterdam underground. A colourful demonstration to stand up for more free space, to show what free spaces in Amsterdam have to offer and to fight for their preservation.

Since 2013, our parade has grown to more than 10 vehicles, 40 volunteers and 4000 participants. With this expansion, the costs of our movement have also increased and we can no longer pay for it ourselves. This year, we need money and volunteers to keep amplifying the alternative sound. Will you contribute to our parade?

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