Will you amplify the alternative sounds of Amsterdam?

© Joyce Goverde (3voor12)

Support us

Obviously, you can support us by joining in and dancing along on Saturday the 19th of October. But while dancing for free space may be free for the participants, it is not for the organization. In the Netherlands, everything costs money, including demonstrations. Fortunately, we don’t need much. And every little bit counts. What can you spare for ADEV?

We’re just as clear about our costs as we are about our goals. That’s why we always show you what the money is being used for and whether the goal has been reached. Because the donations come from different sources, we update the status manually, every so often.

Stash of Cash
€ 3.290
Speaker’s truck + equipment + materials
€ 400
Website + promo materials
€ 100
Goal 1
Take a step back
€ 500
Certified traffic controllers
€ 375
Rental 2-way radio system
€ 100
Cleaning materials
€ 25
Goal 2
Small parade (5 vehicles)
€ 500
Toilets, incl. transport
€ 275
First Aid
€ 100
Catering for volunteers
€ 125
Goal 3
End point manifestation
€ 500
Extra traffic controllers, radios, vests, promo material
€ 500
Goal 4
Big parade (10 vehicles)
€ 500
Goal 1, 2, 3 and 4
€ 2000
Goal 5
ADEV 2020 !
€ 2000
Extra money goes into next year’s edition(s)
€ ????
Goal 6
Future of ADEV
€ ????


ADEV is completely run by volunteers. We need a team of about 40 volunteers to maneuver our dance manifestation through the busy city center. And we’re always looking for licensed first aid volunteers and certified traffic controllers.

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© Joyce Goverde (3voor12)


Share our request to amplify ADEV with your friends. Of course, you can do that on social media, but maybe you could also sign up as a volunteer with some friends. In that case, a personal message works better. Or maybe you work as an editor and want to write an article about us. Contact us at